Muslimofobi blant amerikanere

Ifølge en ny rapport fra Gallup halvparten av amerikanere innerømmer at de har negative følelser om muslimer og Islam.

The level of anti-Muslim prejudice — 43 percent of Americans admitted feeling at least “a little” — is more than twice as high as Americans’ reported feelings toward Buddhists, Christians and Jews.

Fifty-three percent of respondents said their view of Islam was “not too favorable” or “not favorable at all,” according to a 32-page “Religious Perceptions in America” report that was released Thursday (Jan. 21).

Har media noe påvirkning på befolknings inntrykk av muslimer? JA!!

The report also seemed to debunk the conventional wisdom that greater exposure of individual Muslims can be an antidote to anti-Muslim prejudice. Researchers found that personally knowing a Muslim may “soften extreme prejudice,” but can’t eliminate bias altogether. “It suggests that you can know a Muslim but if you have a negative opinion of the faith as a whole because of media exposure, you can perhaps explain that this one friend of yours is an exception”.

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